Avid Inventor and Programmer

Dominick is an avid inventor, programmer, engineer, and founder who has spent over 15 years developing innovative solutions for his clients as well as himself. He is excellent at rapid prototyping, project management, and programming. Over the years, he has developed a wide range of cross-platform software applications for both PCs and smartphones. He has extensive knowledge on computer languages such as VB.NET, C++, C#, HTML, PHP, MySQL, Java, Javascript, Python, Dart, Kotlin, and ASP. Dominick is very well known through his software applications downloaded by millions of users. In addition, he is a technologist who takes great interest with electronic hardware as much as computer science. Dominick has spent years designing and working with wearables, IoT devices, robotics, and mechatronics. His interests in mechatronics and robotics led him to create several robots and devices that can communicate with smartphones and wearable devices. On the other hand, Dominick is an expert musician who played the piano for over 10 years. His experience in music led him to compose his own songs and albums. Overall, Dominick's altruistic mentality drives him to continue his discoveries and development to help others. His vision is to improve the way we live by creating simple, scalable, and affordable products that enhance and change the way we interact with the world of technology.



Dominick creates inventions that enhance and change the way we interact with technology. He spends much time to make products that are reliable, versatile, low-cost, and easy to use.



Dominick writes code for all types of applications. He is capable of creating elegant websites, user interfaces, and making desktop and smartphone apps.



Dominick is a musician who plays classical music. He can compose his own music on the piano as well as electrical music on a DAW. His artist name is also known as Polyatomix.

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Projects of Dominick Lee

Dominick has started and ran numerous projects to improve the way we interact with technology. Some projects are active and may be products or organizations.

Highlighted Achievements

In addition to creating projects, Dominick has demonstrated leadership in various organizations and communities.

President of Purdue Mechatronics Club

Dominick Lee started the Purdue Mechatronics Club in Fall 2014. The club provides a welcoming environment for student innovators to work together in creating innovative solutions. Purdue Mechatronics Club connects students from all technical majors to create projects in the field of robotics, wearables, mechatronics, and IoT. This organization proposed the BoilerDriver Initiative, which helps give student innovators the privilege to connect, interact, and publicize their ideas with the world.

Founder of LifeBeam Technology Club

Dominick Lee started LifeBeam Technology Club, the first technology club at Castro Valley High. For three years, he continuously led his club to do amazing projects recognized by many people across the web. He graduated from the school, leaving strong inspirations to his fellow peers.

CTO at Organization for Justice & Equality

Dominick created and managed the website for Organization for Justice and Equality. He worked on creating database and analytics, registering services, SEO, backend interface and resolved various technical issues including computer hardware. He was also in charge of video production and mass emailing.

Founder of Makitronics, LLC

Dominick founded Makitronics LLC, a tech startup, in April 2015. His intentions are to create consumer products that are simple, scalable, and affordable. He believes that innovation starts from solving the issues of ongoing problems with mechatronics to enhance the way we live. The Makitronics team focuses on concepts that revolve around mechatratroics and develops products that can change the world.

Won 1st Place in BoilerMake 2015

Dominick and his team of 3 colleagues won the BoilerMake 2015 Hackathon, one of the highlights in Major League Hacking. A momentous experience, Dominick spent 3 continuous days at Lambert Fieldhouse at Purdue University working with his team to create a special project called "Halloween Party Station". This project was an extreme Halloween audio-visual entertainment system in a nutshell. It featured a custom head-mounted motion gaming controller and made use of AudioSurf. Christmas lights flashed with the beats of the music and the controller. After numerous hours of work, Dominick and his team presented their project to numerous judges and had the honor of winning first place (out of 84 teams total). For more information, feel free to look at the Purdue news article.

Won 1st Place in HackMizzou 2014

Dominick and his team of 7 colleagues won the HackMizzou 2014 Hackathon, one of the highlights in Major League Hacking. A miraculous event, Dominick spent 3 continuous days in Missouri University working with his team to create an impressive robot assistant that can be controlled by any mobile phone and/or Leap Motion controller. After numerous hours of work, thousand lines of code, and a "cramp-near-Walmart" at 2am in the morning, Dominick was able to obtain all the parts (just enough) to finish the robot and run it successfully. His team won first place (out of 52 teams total). For more information, feel free to look at the Missourian Newspaper.

Represented CVHS in annual SvStrut
(Cisco Networking) 2011 Competition

Dominick led a team of three in participating in the SvStrut (Silicon Valley) computer competition, which mainly evaluates the skills of students in areas of computer and networking expertise. His team ultimately won the silver medal.

Top of the class (Cisco Networking 2011-13)

Dominick demonstrated exceptional skills in Cisco Networking class during his junior and senior years in high school. He received his Cisco certification in 2014 and took pride in helping his school acquire and get acquainted with 3D printing technology. He spoke to students and parents across other middle schools and high schools in CV school district to advocate for Computer Information Technology courses. He designed course websites for several teachers and helped maintain a local area network (LAN) of over 700 computers.

Most Promising Student

Dominick was unanimously voted "Most Likely to Succeed" by 700 senior students. His LifeBeam Flight Simulator project was highly honored by school district and he received the "Foundation Prize in Engineering". His project also won an award on the online Instructables competition. He is remembered by staff and students as an sincere and persevering inventor.

Created AcPaFi

In May 2013, Dominick built a free web service for the citizens of Alameda County. His web interface, ACPAFI (Alameda County Path Finder), is a versatile 4-in-1 application which serves as a digital pocket guide for citizens in Alameda. ACPAFI is featured on the official Alameda County Website to help inform visitors of the county's resources and contact information.

Founded GyroPalm

GyroPalm was initially made Dominick build a wireless wearable robotic-controller for his friend. Today, GyroPalm is an affordable, reliable, and open-source system which let anybody control electronic devices, appliances, computers, and robotics with a flick of the wrist. GyroPalm is the first wearable device on the market that offers long-distance low-latency control over smartphones, computer, IoT devices, appliances, and even robotics.

Founded Kleidoma

Kleidoma was initially made when avid inventor and programmer Dominick Lee arrived at Purdue university. Due to the inconvenience of carrying and using keys to lock and unlock the door, he wanted to create a SmartLock solution – but not just any solution – a solution that must be installation-free, rechargeable, and work with more than just a smartphone. After spending several months developing numerous prototypes and hundreds of test-builds, the Kleidoma SmartLock was born. Meanwhile, he worked with some talented individuals to refine this project into a great product that would allow us to turn any door into a SmartLock in seconds.